Lynn Charles Foster                                                   Art Shows

American B. 1949

B.S, Masters Western Oregon University


Recent  Shows  (Mostly Internet these days.)

2014 “Cart to Art” recycled art show Straub Environmental Center, Salem, OR

2013  Shades of Fall Bryan Memorial Gallery, Jeffersonville, VT (2 painting accepted) 

2012  A Sappy Art Show Village Frame Shoppe and Gallery, St. Albans

2012  Land and Light and Water and Air (juried) Bryan Memorial Gallery, Jeffersonville, VT (2 paintings


2012  Simply Saint Albans Village Frame Shoppe and Gallery, St. Albans

2011  “Trees” Bryan Memorial Gallery, Jeffersonville, VT (2 paintings accepted) 2011

2011  Emile Gruppe Gallery’s Plein Air Festival Show, Jericho Center, VT 2011

          Art on the Fence, Stowe, VT 2011    


National Shows

    2002    S.O.S Christensen Heller Gallery, Oakland Ca. (A juried

                show of art from  recycled materials.)

    2000    Arts 2000: a Beginning International Juried Show, Bush Barn Art

                Center, Salem, Or.

    1998    18th Annual Northwest International Art Competition, Whatcom

                Museum of History and Art, Bellingham, WA Jurors: Linda Connor and

                Robbie Conal

    1998    Found Object As Art, Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA, Juror:

                George Herms (sculpture)

    1998    Countdown 2000, Gallery 1078, Chico,CA Juror: Catharine Clark

    1997    Oregon Clay/97 National ( a sculpture), Linfield College, McMinnville,


    1997   "Me, Myself and..." Museum of Arts Downtown Los Angeles,

                Los Angeles, California

    1993   North American Artists Invitational, Museum

                  Without Walls, Bemeus Point, New York, (scheduled)

    1991   12th Annual Juried Show,Umpqua Community

                  College, Roseburg, Or., Juror: Clint Brown

    1989    Nuclear Visions Traveling Show (Sponsored by the University

                 of Oregon Art Museum). US  and Canada for 2 years.

    1989    Sixth Alcoa/Gallery '76 Juried Art Exhibit,

                   Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, Wa. , Juror:

                   Harold Balazs.

    1989    Paper in Particular National,Columbia College,

                   Columbia, Missouri,Juror:Selina Trieff.

    1983    Las Vegas National Art Show. Las Vegas Art Museum,

                   Las Vegas, Nevada, Juror:L. Sido (accepted).

    1982    Mid-America Biennial National Art Exhibition   Owensboro,  

                   Kentucky, Juror: Abram Lerner,  Director of Hirshhorn

                   Museum, Washington, D.C.

    1978    13th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition,  Coos Art

                   Museum, Coos Bay, Or. Juror: Peter Stone.

    1978    National Paperworks Show, Arts Place Gallery,  Portland ,Or.  

                   (two works).


West Coast Shows

     1998    “Black Velvet and Barbie on the Boulevard III”, Center for

                  Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA 

     1998    Passion Seven Group Show, Humbolt Arts Council Carnegie


                  Eureka, CA (scheduled Feb.,1998)

     1997  " Big Kids Toy Box", (group show) Solomon Dubnick Gallery,

                  Sacramento, CA

                   Dec. 1997

     1997   “Cheap Bastards Art Sale III”, Chico, CA( Group Show)

     1996    Passion Seven (group show) Barnes and Noble ,Santa        

                  Barbara, CA

     1996    "The Cheap Bastards Art Sale II", Chico, CA.

     1995   "Solde d'Objects d'Art pour les  petits Salauds de Radins"

                   (The Cheap Little Bastards Art Sale) Group show: Camille

                    Chang,Val Payne,David Gilhooly, Fred Babb,Tony

                   Natsoulas, Steve Bradford,John Burger,Jason Merck,Gary

                   Dinnen,Paul DiPasqua and Lynn Foster, Chico, CA.

    1989   Nuclear Visions, Oregon Council for the Arts , Newport Visual 

                Arts Center, Newport Or.

    1983   N.W. Juried Art '83, Cheney Cowles Museum,  Spokane, Wa.   

                Juror: Henry Hopkins, Director of  the San Francisco

                Museum of Modern Art.

    1983   30th Annual Exhibition:Painting, Richmond Art Center,    

                Richmond, Ca. Juror: Roy DeForest.

    1982   Big Sky Biennial, Idaho State U., Pocatello,

                Idaho, Juror: Graham Collier, (one drawing and  a sculpture).

    1981   33rd Spokane Annual, Cheney Cowles Museum,

                Spokane, Wa.,Juror: James Hazeltine.

    1979   Annual Pacific N.W. Arts and Crafts Juried Show, Bellevue,            

                Wa.(award in sculpture) Juror:  Donald Brewer, Director,   

                University Gallery,  U.C.L.A.


Solo Shows

     2006  “Waterscapes”, Gallery 250 South Main, Independence, OR.

     2003   “New Watercolors” Cross Creek Gallery, Silverton, OR.

     2003  “Plastic Assemblage” Gallery 250 South Main, Independence, Or.

     2002   “Plastic World: Recent Found Plastic Assemblages”, Linfield Fine Arts Gallery, Linfield


                 McMinnville, Or.

     2002   Western Oregon University, Hamersley Library Galleries,

                Monmouth, Or. Curated by John Olbrantz Director of the Hallie Ford

                Museum of Art, Salem, Or.

     2000   Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon

     1999   A.C. Gilbert Children’s Museum, Salem, OR.

     1995   The Beanery, Salem, Oregon

     1995   Grants Pass Museum of Art, Grants Pass, OR.

     1994   Buckley Center Gallery, U. of Portland, OR.

     1993   Schubert Gallery, Albany, Or.

     1992   Central Oregon Comm. College Bend,Or.            

     1992   Illahe Country Club,Salem, Or.

     1992   Schubert Gallery, Albany, OR.

     1987   On The Edge Gallery, Salem, OR.

     1987   North View Gallery, Portland Community College, OR.

     1987   Western Oregon State College, Monmouth, OR.

     1986   Hallie Ford Brown Gallery, Willamette U, Salem, OR.

     1984   Courtyard Gallery, Portland, OR.

     1981   Barnes Ave. Gallery, Salem, OR.

     1981   Boones Treasury, Salem, OR.


Oregon Shows

    2006   “Recycled Art”, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, Or.

    2002    Salem Masters Series: Part I:Object Reincarnations

               (3 person show) Bush Barn Art Center, Salem, Or.

    2001    Comical and Whimsical, Gresham City Hall Visual Arts Gallery.

                Gresham, Or.

    2000    20th Century Alumni Art:History Created, Western Oregon U.

                Monmouth, Or.

    2000    Art and technology: a Marriage for the New Millennium Invitational,

                Bush Barn Art Center, Salem, Or.   

    1999    Mixed Media,(group show) Sunbird Gallery, Bend, Or.

    1999    “Passion 7” (group show), Grants Pass Museum of Art, Grants Pass,



    1999, 1993, 1992 Celebration of the Arts in Oregon, (juried) Oregon State Capitol,


    1998,1997,1995,1991, 1988 Chemeketa Community College Faculty Art Show, Salem, Or.

    1992   Oregon Arts Council Invitational, The Galleria Portland, Or.

    1991   Group Show "Plein Air Painters", Schubert Gallery, Albany, Or.

    1991,1990   Sunriver Annual Juried Exhibition of Oregon Art, Sunriver, Or.         

    1991, 1988, 1987,1986, 1985,1983, 1981,1979,1978 Annual Willamette Valley Juried

               Exhibition Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

    1991   Group Show, Schubert Gallery, Albany, Oregon.

    1990, 1989  "Celebration of the Arts in Oregon",( juried show ), Oregon     

                State Capitol,Salem, Or.

    1989, 1985  Oregon 2-D, Bush Barn Art Center, Salem, Or.

    1988, 1985  Sunriver Invitational Art Show, Sunriver, Oregon

    1987   7 Painters New Members, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Or.

    1987,1986,1984,1982, 1981, 1970  All Oregon Art Annual, Or. State Fair, Salem, Or.

    1986   Reflections: Juried Self Portrait Show, Corvallis Art Center, Or.

    1986   "On the Job", (juried), N.W. Artists Workshop, Portland, Or.

    1986   Salem Mayor's Invitational Art Show, Salem, Or.

    1985   "Inner Space" (juried) Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis, Or.

    1984,1983   Sunriver Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Sunriver, Or.

    1983   Oregon Biennial, Portland Art Museum, Portland, Or.

    1983   Three Person Show, Corvallis Art Center,Or.

    1983   Salem Mayor's Invitational Art Show,Salem, Or.

    1982   Sunriver Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Sunriver, Or.

    1980   Six Oregon Artists, Bush Barn Art Center, Salem, Or.

    1976   Salem Mayor's Invitational Art Show, Salem, Or.

    1970   Watercolor Society of Oregon Juried Show

    1969   Oregon College of Education Student Art Show

    1967   Harris Co. Art Show, Southeastern Section Scholastic Art Awards Honorable Mention,

                San Bernardino, CA



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Published in Books

“Recycle, Reduce, Reuse” by Kate Walker, MacMillan Education Austraila, 2004.

“Trash is Dash”, by Alice Leonhardt, Stecker-Vaughn Publishers, 2002, pp. 27-28.

 “Art from Plastic Trash”, The Cousteau Society, Dolphin Log Magazine, March

  2000 pp.6-7.   



     Best of Show, (recycled plastic assemblage) S.O.S Save Our Star, Christensen-Heller Gallery,

     Oakland, Ca. 2002

     Juror’s  Award, W.O.U. 20th Century Alumni Art:

     History Created Juried Show, Monmouth, OR. 2000

     Award in Painting, Willamette Valley Juried Show, Corvallis,


     Best of Show ,Art Teachers Show, Bush Barn Art Center,

     Salem, Or. 1980

     Sculpture Award, Annual Pacific N.W. Arts and Crafts

     Juried Show, Bellevue Art Museum, Wa.,1979.

     Award in Drawing, Willamette Valley Juried Show,1979

     Best of Show, Oregon Watercolor Society Juried Show, 1970.



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